ASSIST Personal Services is an ideal solution for your tremendous to-do list of errands and responsibilities! Consider having someone else take care of your grocery shopping, runs to the post office, and trips to the mechanic. What about having someone wait at your home for a service call or furniture delivery, or check in with the roofing company before they leave to make sure they've cleaned up?

Imagine having those essential hours back each week to spend on more important things, such as time with your family and pets, time to be more productive and focused at work, time to recover from illness or injury, or even time in your garden!

I take pride in being trustworthy and dependable. I am particular about details, and enjoy handling day-to-day tasks. ASSIST offers a way for you to focus on other things, knowing that what is on your list will be completed quickly and competently. I will get your to-do list done! It's about time.
• Grocery shopping & other stops, such as Target & the liquor store
• Dry cleaning pick-up & drop-off
• Post Office & UPS pick-up & mailing services
• Pharmacy pick-up
• Banking
• Personal shopping purchases, exchanges & returns
• Gift purchase, wrapping & mailing or delivery
• Pick up cake & other necessities for special celebrations
• Flower pick-up & delivery
• Take car in for maintenance & detail services
• Delivery of charitable donations
• Shop & prepare for ski trips & weekends away
• Allow access for service calls & repair providers, such as plumbers, electricians, & painters
• Check in with service providers before they leave for the day to ensure your home is cleaned up & locked up
• Allow access for deliveries
• Prepare home for arrival after vacations or business trips with groceries & lights on
• Set up for special celebrations or parties, & meet the caterer
• Allow access for service calls & repair providers before moving in
• Allow access to moving company
• On-site coordination on moving day
• Stock new home with groceries & cleaning supplies
Hours vary, contact for availability.

Services are offered for Boulder, CO and surrounding areas.
Services are $30 an hour. I do not charge for mileage.

Fees are calculated in 30 minute increments after a one
hour minimum.

The hourly rate does not include the cost of the items purchased; purchases will be added to the invoice.

Blocks of time can be purchased in advance.

Invoices will be sent via Venmo or PayPal for ease of payment.